Definitions for "Panels"
small groups that hold a discussion in front of their classmates. Panels are moderated
an aisle accessing other components of the transmitter on either side
The individual sections created on a piece of paper when it is folded. Each panel is bordered by either a fold or the edge of the paper. For example, if you fold a single piece of paper one time you will create 4 panels. Two on the front side and two on the back side. Two folds yield 6 panels, etc.
Usually rectangular frames around the outside of a map enclosing views, scenes, or figures.
Rectangular frames enclosing views or figures around the edge of the map or chart they illustrate.
Contain controls for viewing and changing the properties of objects.
The unit of outdoor advertising.
An out of home advertising display
(Type of plugin.) Displaying non-*temporal* entities.
Modular furniture sections used to define the limits of a workstations. Panels do not extend from floor to ceiling.
Finished sections of the laminate flooring, i.e. planks, tiles, squares.
Floating windows that contain inspectors and controls for developing and controlling movie elements.
The area on the left of the Opera application window with the Bookmarks, Mail, and Contacts icons
Any surface, particularily on vehicles, where the graphics are to be fitted.
Light gage metal sheets of composite assemblies, usually with a ribbed configuration and used for roof and wall covering.
a convenient and easy way to diagnose food allergies in a patient
A permanent representative sample maintained by a market research agency from which information is obtained on more than one occasion either for continuous research or for ad hoc projects.
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A Panels is another term for a poster site
Ground control points which are readily identifiable in aerial photographs.  Also referred to as Targets.
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see Advisory Panels
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a sign that they just need to find a bigger room
Groups of doctors who were used by local National Insurance committees to treat people covered by National Health Insurance