Definitions for "pam"
The encoding of information in a signal based on the fluctuation of carrier waves. The amplitude of the pulse carrier is varied in accordance with successive samples of the modulating signal.
Payload Assist Module
Modulation method used by modems and DSL equipment. The signal modulates or alters the amplitude or intensity of the carrier. In regular AM, the carrier is a sinewave. In PAM, the carrier is a periodic series of DC pulses.
Payment Accuracy Measurement
PLEDGED ACCOUNT MORTGAGE. Type of home purchase loan under which a sum of cash contributed by the owner is set aside in an account pledged to the lender. The account is drawn down during the initial years of the loan to supplement periodic mortgage payments. The effect is to reduce the payment amounts in early years.
Pledged Account Mortgage. A type of mortgage that is tied to a pledged savings account and this fund (plus earned interest) is gradually used to reduce mortgage payments.
An acronym for luggable uthentication odules. PAM is an authentication system that controls access to Red Hat Linux.
ulse mplitude odulation
Programma Alimentare Mondiale
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
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Proud Arabian Mare
Professions Allied to Medicine. A term used to include groups such as physiotherapists, speech therapists and dieticians.
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Perusahaan Air Minum. - BUMD in charge of water supply
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Perks And Mini
Product and Marketing Committee. A standing committee reporting to the Board of Directors of Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd. It is a coordination and approval body on the banking side that supports the Board in taking decisions affecting the organization and operation of the payment system applications (joint untertakings). The PAM proposes principles for product and market strategies to the Board, supports Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd. in drafting strategies for joint undertakings and maintains and guarantees communications with the banks.
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The knave of clubs.
A card game in which the jack of clubs is trump.
port-to-application mapping. A flexible, per-application port mapping capability that allows the Cisco IOS Firewall to support applications running on nonstandard ports. This feature allows network administrators to customize access control for specific applications and services, in order to meet their distinct network needs.
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One of Jon's oldest friends and someone to whom he has been very close although things have changed and they are no longer as close as they were.
Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station
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Pupil Alignment Mechanism
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pulmonary artery mean pressure
Patient Administration Management Integration Profile in IT Infrastructure Technical Framework
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Positive Active Mass (AM of the positive electrode)
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percent accepted mutation
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(the energy that oversees the nature spirits in a given area)
Presence and Availability Management
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A form of the female given name Pamela.