Definitions for "Palustrine"
Keywords:  lichen, nontidal, fen, marsh, wetland
Of, pertaining to, or living in, a marsh or swamp; marshy.
Pertaining to marshes, bogs, swamps and fens.
The palustrine environment includes all non-tidal wetlands dominated by trees, shrubs, persistent emergent macrophytes, emergent mosses or lichens, and all such wetlands that occur in tidal areas where salinity due to ocean-derived salts is below 5 parts per thousand (ppt). It also includes wetlands lacking such vegetation, but with all of the following four characteristics: (1) area less than 8 ha (20 acres); (2) active wave-formed or bedrock shoreline features are lacking; (3) water depth in the deepest part of the basin is less than 2 m at low water; and (4) salinity due to ocean-derived salts is less than 5 ppt (Cowardin et al., 1979).