Definitions for "palatine"
Of or pertaining to a palace, or to a high officer of a palace;
Of or pertaining to the Palatinate.
Of or pertaining to a Palatine{1}.
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(L. palatum, palate). The palatine nerves.
(L. palatum, palate). Os palatum.
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Originally created in the fifteenth century. Highest officeholder in Hungary in the eighteenth century; in theory, the commander in chief of the Hungarian armed forces.
The palatine (Latin: comes palatii, comes palatinus, later: palatinus (regni), Hungarian: nádorispán/ nádor, Slovak: nádvorný župan/ nádvorný špán, later: palatín / nádvorník, German: Palatin) was the highest dignitary in the Kingdom of Hungary after the king (a kind of powerful prime minister and supreme judge) from the kingdom's rise up to 1848/1918.
possessing royal privileges.
One invested with royal privileges and rights within his domains; a count palatine. See Count palatine, under 4th Count.
of or relating to a count palatine and his royal prerogatives
A palatine bone.
Paired bones that form the posterior part of the hard palate, and wall the anterior part of the interpterygoid fossa.
a paired bone of the roof of the mouth
(Middle Ages) the lord of a palatinate who exercised sovereign powers over his lands
having local authority that belongs elsewhere only to a sovereign.
These were inhabitants of the Palatinate of the Rhine, which was ravaged and almost depopulated by the French armies in 1688, and the following years. For further details see page 10 of the preface in Volume 27
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relating to or lying near the palate; "palatal index"; "the palatine tonsils"