Definitions for "Pairs"
The racing system usually used in long track competition, with two competitors skating the track at the same time. Both are electronically timed. The winner of the race is the skater with the fastest time after all the pairs have skated.
group learning in which two learners work together.
Two golfers playing together in a stroke competition. Also to assign players to play together in a competition.
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A three digit number bet whose any one pair of the first two digits, last two digits, and in some cases the first and last digit appear on the drawn number.
When a three-digit number is bet, and the drawn number includes any one pair of the first two digits, the last two digits and, in some cases, the first and last digit of the player's three-digit selection.
a duplicate-bridge tournament among partnerships.
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Bowls games in which each team has a pair of players ( a Skip and a Lead)
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Proposal and Award Information Retrieval System