Definitions for "Painter"
Keywords:  bow, tow, dinghy, stern, boat
A rope at the bow of a boat, used to fasten it to anything.
line in the bows of a boat, used to make fast to a dock or other object, and for light towing.
A rope attached either to the bow or stern of a canoe or kayak.
a collector, he makes his own collection" "Un peintre es un collectioneur, il fait sa propre collection" "Un pintor es un coleccionista, hace su propria coleccion" Pablo Picasso
Keywords:  tintoretto, tinter
a tinter -- Tintoretto
One who covers buildings, ships, ironwork, and the like, with paint.
(Also called Callao painter, Peruvian paint.) Blackening of ship's paint by hydrogen sulfide from decaying marine organisms, especially during El NiƱo.
Keywords:  puma, panther
The panther, or puma.
Keywords:  madman, unlicenced, lucid, gaze, dreams
a good example
a madman whose unlicenced dreams We make lucid and good to the public gaze
a choreographer of space" -- and I think he is -- then it would appear that someone has drugged his ballerinas with horse tranquilizers
a privileged being, because in his imagination he can come very close to the animals he paints
An artist who represents objects or scenes in color on a flat surface, as canvas, plaster, or the like.
an artist who paints
The artist who covers the woodcarving with paint.
a person who applies an emulsion An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible substances
a person who applies an emulsion called paint to a surface
Keywords:  palmer, brass, nickel, guns, wooden
One of Palmer's pump-guns. With wooden stock. Nickel-plated brass body.
Keywords:  craftsman, campaign, air
a Craftsman campaign is on air
large American feline resembling a lion
Keywords:  woodwork, walls, person
a person who paints woodwork, walls, etc
Keywords:  cheat, chapter, marked, cards, see
A cheat who uses marked cards. See chapter Marked Cards.
Keywords:  imitates, tool, art, physical, digital
a tool you use to create and work with objects
a digital art tool that imitates physical painting tools.
a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint
an object that knows where and how to paint the surface of a Component
Keywords:  occupation, one
One whose occupation is to paint
Keywords:  pictures, person
a person who paints pictures
Keywords:  sells, man
a man who paints what he sells
Keywords:  individual
an individual