Definitions for "Pages"
(Acronym for Past Global Changes.) A core project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program of the International Council of Scientific Unions that is focused on two temporal streams3/4[—]the last 2000 years studied at interannual to interdecadal resolution, and the longer timescale of the cycles of glaciation/deglaciation.
Acronym for Past Global Changes, an IGBP Core Project charged with providing a quantitative understanding of the Earth's past environment and defining the envelope of natural climate variability within which we can assess anthropogenic impact on the Earth's biosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere. PAGES seeks the integration and intercomparison of ice, ocean, and terrestrial paleorecords and encourages the creation of consistent analytical and database methodologies within the paleosciences. More information can be found at the PAGES Web site.
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Young boys (or girls) aged six through nine who carry the bride's extra-long train (think of Lady Di's wedding) as she walks down the aisle. Also known as "train bearers."
All the text, graphics, pictures, and so forth, denoted by a single URL beginning with the identifier "http://".
The number of pages of text, preceded by pages with Roman numerals, i.e., IX, 250 pps. This indicates that there are nine pages devoted to a foreword, acknowledgements, etc., followed by 250 pages of the actual text.
A pre-cut album page especially made for holding matchcovers. Popular sizes include 20-stick, 30-stick, 40-stick, and Midgets. (See Album, Beach, Hobbymaster).
Pages is the second studio album from the country music band Bering Strait.
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Whereas Files provides a record of all files to be requested over the summary period, regardless of format (see Files), Pages provides a record of all hypertext mark-up files (HTML or HTM) or files which generate HTML (for example .asp or .cgi). This figure therefore better reflects the number of pages viewed in the summary period. Note: Individual web servers may be configured to include a number of file extensions as pages, for example .pl or .php, so contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further information.
The basic building blocks of any website. A website generally contains a collection of different pages that are accessible and viewable via a web browser. By default, SmarterStats considers the following extensions to be "pages": .asp, .aspx, .cfc, .cfm, .cfmx, .cfml, .cgi, .htm, .html, .ida, .idc, .jhtm, .jhtml, .jsp, .jws, .mht, .mhtml, .mv, .php, .php3, .phtm, .phtml, .pl, .shtm, .shtml, .stm, .wml, .xdl, .xhtml, .xml
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Student aides who work with legislators doing all sorts of tasks such as running errands, fetching coffee, etc., while they learn about state government.
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Glossary and Pronunciation Guide I don't speak Hindi, Sanskrit, or any of the numerous other languages used throughout India, so this pronunciation guide is not meant to be accurate. Rather, it's my best guess at how these words and names--some real, some made up--would be pronounced, and I think it suffices for gaming purposes. However, if you are familiar with Hindi and could help correct any mistakes I've made, please e-mail me and I'll be more than happy to learn from you and make this guide more accurate.
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a controversial issue
a counterproductive waste of time for search engine ranking
The individual sections created on rectangular pieces of paper when they are folded once and then stapled into a booklet. Each page is bordered by either the spine of the booklet or the edge of the paper. For example, if you fold two pieces of paper one time each and staple them together along the fold you will create an 8 page booklet.
Pages are the primary means of storing information in Confluence. They are the building blocks of spaces and are written in Confluence markup.
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See Passport, Additional Pages
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About our webpages and page counts
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208 pp. Illustrated.
The length of the document in microfilmed pages. This is helpful if you need a copy of the document, as the number of pages determines the charge for the document. The charge is $1 per page.
4K segments in which Windows NT/ 2000/XP allocates memory.
Web pages is the term we use for what we see in the window of our browser. One page could be several meters long but when we print, the printing software takes care of distributing the information on paper.