Definitions for "Page break"
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The point at which the flow of text in a document moves to the top of a new page. Most word processors automatically place page breaks when the material on the page reaches a specified maximum. By contrast, a "hard" or "manual" page break is a command or a code inserted by the user to force a page break at a specific place in the text.
In word processing, a mark that indicates where the printer will start a new page. Programs such as MS Word insert page breaks automatically (often a line of dots or dashes across the screen) when you've typed a full page of text. The automatic page break is called a soft page break because the program may adjust its location if you insert or delete text above the break. You can enter a hard page break, called a forced page break, which forces the program to start a new page at the hard page break's location.
A break that determines the end of a page and the beginning of the following page. Documents contain automatic page breaks (also referred to as soft page breaks) based on the margins. Manual page breaks (also referred to as hard page breaks) are inserted to break a page at a specific location.
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