Definitions for "Packages"
A large selection of forms for winding yarn onto. Examples include A Cone, Cheese, and pineapple package.
A large selection of forms for winding yarn is available to meet the requirements of existing machinery and a variety of package builds is used to ensure suitable unwinding in later stages of manufacturing. Since a package with flanges cannot be unwound easily and quickly by pulling the yarn off overend most packages are flangeless with self-supporting edges. Some can be unwound at speeds up to 1500 yd/min. The accompanying diagram shows six common types of yarn packages.
SitePal offers three types of account packages: Bronze - the most basic SitePal account. It allows you to do most things. Silver - the middle-tier SitePal account. It offers all of Bronze's features, supports more scenes, includes more audio streams and adds additional functionality such as Text-to-Speech and add to eBay auctions. Gold - the most powerful SitePal account. It has all of Silver's features, supports even more scenes, includes even more audio streams and also adds full API support, the ability to integrate with Flash and the ability to remove SitePal branding. Furthermore, each package can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis so you're not locked into a package should your needs change and as you come to appreciate SitePal's incredible utility and value.
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hidhaalee View
Files that contain software, and written in a particular format that enables the software to be easily installed and removed.
A group of types that contain Java compilation units and CLASS files.
A collection of file and directories required for a software application. Packages are created with pkgmk or swmtool. The software resides in a directory hierarchy which also contains various information files describing the package contents.
Sets of optional features available for the vehicle, pre-bundled by the manufacturer.
A wrapped or boxed object; a parcel or bundle containing one or more objects; or a container in which something is packed for storage, transport, or mailing. Referenced by 450.100 - Mail for Offenders
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plural of package.
A method of encapsulating and storing related procedures, functions, and other package constructs together as a unit in the database. While packages provide the database administrator or application developer organizational benefits, they also offer increased functionality and database performance.
A grouping, or collection, of ad products combined to create a cost -effective approach to reach your target audience.
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(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
One of the major families of options which are the same as a portfolio of only standard European call options usually in association with cash and the underlying asset itself.
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Rather like a library in other languages