Definitions for "pacific"
Of or pertaining to peace; of a peaceful character; not warlike; not quarrelsome; as, a pacific nature or condition.
Promoting peace; suited to make or restore peace; conciliatory; as, pacific words or acts.
of or pertaining to the Pacific Ocean; as, Pacific islands.
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Locomotive with 4-6-2 wheel arrangement (refer Whyte)
a steam locomotive with a 4-6-2 wheel arrangement, 4 pony truck wheels up front, 6 driving wheels in the middle and 2 trailing truck wheels at the rear under the firebox ( click here for a photo of a Reading class G-3 Pacific).
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a Hong Kong published magazine that caters to the Hotel and Restraurant business
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Gas & Electric Co 19 88 Dome Used for High-Voltage Equipment Testing San Ramon CA USA High School- Index/Dome/California/Los Gatos
a full service project management, engineering, and construction firm that offers a solid list of deign-build capabilities and related services
an engineering services firm specializing in the development of electronic products
a part of the Defense Department's Indian Incentive Program, which requires contractors to use their "best effort" to provide subcontracts to Native American-owned firms
Specific. Can you be more pacific about that? (Submitted by Thomas E. Cyprych, Coraopolis, PA)
Pacific (formerly Sea Venture and Pacific Princess) is a cruise ship.
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a new developer and its budget is not exactly that of Bill Gates
Agreement on Closer Economic Relations
a leading value-added IT channel distribution company
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a rule that allows the U