Definitions for "PABA"
A substance which absorbs UV light, acting as a sunblock.
Para-aminobenzoic acid, a B-complex vitamin that is an essential metobolite. If an organism is deprived of PABA it will fail to reproduce, then die.
Para-Amino Benzoic Acid, can be natural or synthetic. Found in Vitamin B complex. Found in most sunscreens. It can cause allergic eczema and a sensitivity to light in susceptible people whose skin may react to sunlight by erupting with a rash, sloughing and or swelling. There are concerns that it could actually increase risk of cancer.
Important for the formation of red blood cells. Aids in the conversion of protein into energy. Necessary for healthy skin, and hair pigmentation.
Functions in the breakdown and use of proteins in the formation of blood cells.
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A food supplement.