Definitions for "Oviduct"
Keywords:  albumen, yolk, spermatheca, ovary, ovum
A tube, or duct, for the passage of ova from the ovary to the exterior of the animal or to the part where further development takes place. In mammals the oviducts are also called Fallopian tubes.
tube from the female ovary that ends near the base of the third walking leg; carries eggs from their production site to the exterior of the body
An often complex female organ connecting the ovaries to the oopores. In the Asellota, it consists of the following functional subsections: outer tissues surrounding internal parts; spermatheca, which may or may not be covered with cuticle; and cuticular organ, an often complex cuticular tube.
Keywords:  mammal, embryos, grow, early, nature
place where early mammal embryos grow in nature