Definitions for "overweight"
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Weight over and above what is required by law or custom.
Superabundance of weight; preponderance.
Overweighing; excessive.
A term used by fund managers which describes the amount of shares of a company they hold. It represents a comparison between their position and an index or benchmark. Holding more shares than the relevant proportion in a benchmark is called being overweight. Having the same proportion is known as being neutral and less is being underweight.
Taking a greater exposure to one investment market or security compared with a benchmark or neutral position. The opposite of underweight.
Refers to an investment position that is larger than the generally accepted benchmark.
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Feb 8, 11:55 AM EST
Being overweight in a particular sector or country means the fund manager has bought more than average, perhaps because they favour the returns on offer.
Having slightly more than your usual percent allocation in a stock or mutual fund sector to take advantage of above-average growth.
to hold more of a given security in relation to other securities in a portfolio, in expectation that it will perform well; some analysts use Overweight, which means buy.
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see overweighted.