Definitions for "overtrading"
Excessive trading in a clients account by a broker seeking to maximize commissions...
Excessive broker trading in a discretionary account. Underwriters persuade brokerage clients to purchase some part of a new issue in return for the purchase by the underwriter of other securities from the clients at a premium. This premium is offset by the underwriting spread.
same as churning
Engaging in more activities than can be properly financed by the company. This is usually due to a business growing too rapidly. This can lead to bankruptcy and liquidation. Click here to go back to the top of the page
Shortage of liquidity caused by not having enough working capital to support the level of sales and production. Taking on business which cannot be funded by cashflow.
Occurs when a firm expands without the necessary long term finance so puts too great a strain on working capital.
The act or practice of buying goods beyond the means of payment; a glutting of the market.
The practice of allowing illegal concessions by paying substantially more than the market value for one security in order to affect the sale of another.
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a situation where a company tries to produce and sell goods with too little capital.
Overtrading is a term in financial analysis. It means a corporation is running in a bad business situation.