Definitions for "Overlay"
To cover (an object made of an inexpensive metal, glass, or other material) with a thin sheet of an expensive metal, especially with silver or gold. Distinguished from to plate, which is done by a chemical or electrical deposition process.
A piece of paper pasted upon the tympan sheet to improve the impression by making it stronger at a particular place.
a paperweight that has been coated with one (single overlay), two (double overlay) and sometimes three (triple overlay) layers of opaque or transparent glass and cut with windows to expose the enclosed motif
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The addition of another layer of lining over an in-place lining construction before vulcanization.
Measures alignment error between two layers of a semiconductor device
A combination of two or more map layers, within a GIS, to create one or more new map layers or new information.
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Where the winning chance of a contender is underestimated.
When the odds on a proposition favors the bettors rather than the house.
A good bet where the player has better odds than the casino.
an image (still overlay) or a video sequence (live overlay) containing objects that should be superimposed over the underlay according to the motion of objects in it. Overlay also stands for the set of (partially) opaque pixels in such image or video sequence.
An image that is superimposed on all data images during verification and/or is archived for a specific master form template.
A film containing graphics material which is used for inspection by superimposing the film on the graphics material.
To lay, or spread, something over or across; hence, to cover; to overwhelm; to press excessively upon.
A decorative covering, typically solid or filigreed precious metals, fitted to the barrel and cap of a pen. Typically found on pens made up through the mid-1920s, top-quality overlays add greatly to the collector value of a pen.
filigree or latticework — an ornamental openwork of intricate design, usually made from pewter, applied to the outside of a stein.
A paper-strip "add-on" pasted on the face of the poster, which may contain a price designation or announce a special promotion for the advertiser.
Paper strip pasted over a section of an existing poster, to show a price, a date, or other time-sensitive information. Used inter-changeably with" snipe".
The amount, up to 5% of the tax levy, raised by the assessors in excess of appropriations and other charges to cover abatements and avoid fractions.
In computing the required property tax revenue each year, the Board of Assessors must add a sum, called the overlay, to offset the estimated amount of tax abatements and exemptions. The overlay must not exceed five percent of total appropriations. After all taxes for a year have been paid or abated, the unused overlay balance is held in an account called the overlay surplus. The overlay surplus may be held for the following year's overlay, or town meeting may vote to transfer some or all of it to the reserve fund.
Amount of money raised by Assessors for purpose of creating a fund to cover abatements and uncollected taxes.
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decorative veneer that is appliquéd rather than inlaid.
A decorative trim or applique (often of wood or veneer) applied to a flat surface. Sometimes called Onlay.
A piece of contrasting or harmonizing leather or other material attached to the shoe upper for decorative purposes.
To smother with a close covering, or by lying upon.
Similar to the foreground, but lying on top of it, and more versatile in the options available. See the manual for more details.
In animation art, a portion of a scene, generally a foreground element, painted on or applied to a cel and laid over the action to create the illusion of depth.
Overlay is generally used in tourney settings. It refers to the amount of money in the prize pool above and beyond what the players have put up. If there are 100 players in a $10 tourney, they have put up collectively $1,000. If the prize pool is $5,000, the tourney would be said to have a $4,000 overlay.
An overlay happens when a tournament guaranteeâ€(tm)s for example $50,000, but they donâ€(tm)t have enough required people to meet that prize pot, therefore they must put in the difference since they made a guarantee.
In a guaranteed-prize-amount tournament, if the overall pot is less than the prize money, then, the poker room will add money to fill in this deficit. This is called overlay.
A subroutine which occupies a portion of main memory which is occupied at some other time by another subroutine during execution of the same program. Overlays were used as an older technique to allow larger programs to be executed in restricted main memory space; the same effect is now accomplished by different techniques.
A program component loaded into memory from disk only when needed. This technique reduces the amount of free RAM needed to run the program.
One of several segments of a computer program that, during execution, occupies the same area of main storage, one segment at a time. To use repeatedly the same areas of internal storage during different stages of the execution of a program.
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A door, which is mounted to the front of the cabinet and covers a portion of the cabinet side panel.
Decorative panels affixed to a cabinet surface or attached to the ends of upper or base cabinets.
The degree or amount a door overlays the frame or front edge of a cabinet.
Software that is not always memory resident; it is loaded on request.
A module that may be loaded into memory at an address other than the address specified at locate time. CrossView Pro allows you to debug relocatable code by specifying an offset when invoking the debugger. CrossView Pro uses the information to correlate executable code with the symbol table.
To use the same area of memory for more than one specific use. V/BOSS has many overlays.
The process of generating a new map by combining the contents of one or more maps using mathematical operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponentiation, and matrix algebra operations like inversion and transposition.
A set of zoning requirements that is applied to an area that may place further development restrictions on a zoning district. Development in an overlay district must conform to the base district as well as the overlay zoning requirements. An example is the East Austin overlay - in areas designated LI (See Zoning), new industrial uses became conditional uses.
A land use designation on the Land Use Map, or a zoning designation on a zoning map, which modifies the basic underlying designation in some specific manner.
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A see-through plastic piece that fits over a hook and accommodates the scan label.
Included with many older console games, overlays are a thin piece of plastic that slides over the buttons on a keypad, labeling the keys for the functions that pertain to that game.
Typically a printed decal or engraved product designed to be applied on top of or around (or overlay) fasteners, spaces, lights, etc. and provide a unified, finished appearance for specific areas of a product. Overlays are used to provide a one-piece installation to label multiple devices such as buttons, switches & displays. Overlays also typically utilize dead space between devices or added margins to display graphics, logos, and/or additional information such as safety messages, instructions, function labels, etc. See Bezel and Membrane Switch. VIEW SAMPLE OVERLAYS.
One material applied over another material.
Material over the base of the base material.
There are two techniques of physically joining two materials together: one is inlay and the other is overlay (or encrustation). Overlay unites one surface onto another surface chemically through an additional substance such as soldering when joining metal to metal or an adhesive/cement when joining metal to nonmetal (such as gemstones or shell).
transform overlaid on a base plot using the add overlay function. The base plot sets the viewport of the overlay to match its own and transforms the coordinate data of the overlay into its own coordinate space. Only that portion of the overlay's coordinate space that intersects the coordinate space of the managing plot will be visible in the plot output. If the overlay is a plot object, it gives up its base plot status. The base plot to which the overlay is added assumes responsibility for managing the overlay's plot members.
A plot of a symbol's data over an existing symbol's price chart. Overlays differ from spreads. You are not concerned with a mathematical relationship between the two charts when using overlays, only the relative movement.
A group of symbols, pictures, words, or characters. Usually placed over a keyboard of a communication device.
paper placed on an overlay keyboard. Areas depict what will happen if that area is pressed. Images, symbols, words or tactile objects can indicate purpose to the pupil.
The process by which external data is added to a file for the purpose of either enhancement of the existing information or to allow for more specialised selection. Typical data overlays include census and taxfiler information, which can serve to create a clearer picture of the individuals on the database.
The process by which information is added to a main or master file to enable a more specialized selection.
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A means whereby sections of code in main memory which are no longer required may be replaced by wanted sections of code.
A form of area code relief in which a new area code is applied to an existing area code territory. In most cases, numbers for pre-existing telephones, pagers, fax machines, etc. keep the pre-existing area code, while the new area code is assigned to new numbers. This form of relief does not affect a consumer's local calling area, local rates or long distance rates, but does require the use of ten-digit dialing (area code + seven digit number) to make local calls.
In operating systems, an overlay is when a process replaces itself with the code of another program. On Unix-like systems, this is accomplished with the exec() system call.
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See topological overlay.
Overlay means your capture device displays video directly to your monitor without using any CPU resources. It gives you a clear picture in the Self View window, but may not reflect accurately what the other party sees, since transmission affects video quality.
A feature of most video cards that allows particularly smooth digital video playback without overloading the computer's CPU.
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A good bet where you have an edge over the casino.
A good bet where the player has an edge over the casino.
This is the ability to overlay the price action of one particular instrument over the top of another to determine if there is any correlation between the comparative price action. This is only available in TraderMade Workstation.
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What the fourth person in the back of the Fiesta has to do
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Placement of up to ten ephone-dns on a single phone button.
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A panel mounted to another surface.
The sand-filled resin mix that is trowel applied to the surface of a floor to a thickness of 1/8th to 5/8th of an inch. Also referred to as topping, trowel-down, matrix, or surfacer.
To combine a new set of data with an existing database, and define controls and verification techniques for duplicate records and missing fields.
n. A collection of predefined data, such as lines, shading, text, boxes, or logos, that can be merged with variable data on a page while printing.
Data not collected by the organization, such as data from a proprietary database, that is combined with the organization's own data.
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See Rostered Staff Factor.
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chickens making too many eggs
Overlays are a programming method that allow computer programs to be bigger than the amount of virtual address space available to the user.
Generic term used to describe any variety of costume jewelry that involves a base metal.
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Blowing a bubble with color on the inside, the bottom is attached to a solid core and then the bubble is turned inside out, leaving a thin color "flash" on the outside.
A special overlay of additional silver at points of greatest contact for maximum protection.
Consumer or business data (generally from compiled sources) that is added to or overlaid on a marketer's customer or prospect list in order to improve targeting and cost-efficiency.
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An image that appears in front of all other images.
An image can be overlaid over other images. An overlay image will not change often and will be placed over the game view. An example of an overlay is a resource count and health information that is displayed at the top, bottom, or side of the screen over the game world.
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See inspection overlay.
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Another term for cased glass
To put an overlay on.