Definitions for "Overhang"
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To impend or hang over.
To hang over; to jut or project over.
In a general sense, that which just out or projects; a projection; also, the measure of the projection; as, the overhang is five feet.
The lip on a core or retouched flake, caused by the platform being undercut by the bulb on the flake removed.
That part of the ink of a glyph which overhangs the advance width of the glyph. Most glyphs (such as "H") have no overhang, as there is a little whitespace on either side to separate them from adjacent glyph. An example of a glyph with overhang is the italic "f" used above to illustrate ABC width: both the top and bottom of the italic "f" overhang the adjacent glyphs. Overhang corresponds to a negative "A" or "C" width.
Increase in printed circuit conductor width caused by plating build-up or by undercutting during etching.
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A heavy or pronounced brow.
a heavily pronounced brow
block of securities or commodities contracts which is large enough to put downward pressure on prices if sold all at once.
Used in the context of general equities. Sizable block of securities or commodities contracts that, if released on the market, would put downward pressure on prices; prohibits buying activity that would otherwise translate into upward price movement. Examples include shares held in a dealer's inventory, a large institutional holding, a secondary distribution still in registration, and a large commodity position about to be liquidated.
The number of stock options issued to employees, plus the number of stock options that could still be issued, divided by the total number of shares outstanding. Overhang puts downward pressure on stock prices that can be countered by the effect of employee ownership. These plans are a common way in which a shareholders' ownership can significantly be diluted. See also dilution.
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overnight repo overtrading
A position in which the climber is left dangling on the rope, head down. So named because the sensation is somewhat similar to a hangover.
A holding of foreign exchange that is temporarily unable to be converted from the reserve currency into other reserve assets. Quanto provides offshore software development and QA to financial institutions Click here to send us your feedback or to recommend a new term
radar term indicating a region of high reflectivity at middle and upper levels above an area of weak reflectivity at low levels. The overhang is found on the inflow side of a thunderstorm (normally the south or southeast side).
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Single-stranded section of DNA at the end of a double-stranded fragment, for example in a sticky end. Overhangs may be 3' or 5' i.e. the end of the single-stranded section may carry a free 3' or 5' end. This will depend on how the overhang was created.
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A lock-in period after a fixed, capped or discount mortgage offer has finished.
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see ceiling
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when there are too many shares and not enough buyers
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See squares.
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See debt overhang and money overhang.