Definitions for "Overhand"
A throwing or pitching style that is overhanded; also an overhand{2} pitch.
Done (as pitching or bowling) with the hand higher than the elbow, or the arm above, or higher than, the shoulder; as, an overhand pitch; an overhand stroke.
A shooting or passing motion created by moving the stick down from above and just off the shoulder.
Keywords:  selvedges, stitch, sewed, sewn, seam
Over and over; -- applied to a style of sewing, or to a seam, in which two edges, usually selvedges, are sewed together by passing each stitch over both.
sewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)
Keywords:  cope, clearance, drag, beyond, core
Extension of the end surface of the cope half of a core print beyond that of the drag to provide clearance for closing of the mold. See Cope, Mold.
The upper hand; advantage; superiority; mastery.
A way of examining textile materials by viewing horizontally at eye-level.
Keywords:  manner, style
In an overhand manner or style.