Definitions for "Overdose"
To dose to excess; to give an overdose, or too many doses, to.
Too great a dose; an excessive dose.
An amount of a drug so excessive that it makes someone ill or causes death.
Overdose is a simple Yahoo! Chat client written in C, and using the curses library for text I/O. It is multithreaded using pthreads, and works on Linux/BSD/Unix and Windows.
Overdose is a Yahoo! Chat client written in C, and using ncurses for display. It is multithreaded using POSIX Threads and supports several features despite its early stage of development, those being shellexec (the ability to run shell commands and print the output to the chat room), and timestamps.
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Overdose is a song by Australian band AC/DC. This is found as track 5 on their Australia-only Let There Be Rock, released in March 1977. Three months later, this song was the sixth track on their international album with the same name.