Definitions for "ova"
Keywords:  ovum, oocyte, gamete, egg, plural
See Ovum.
female sex egg. Also called ovum, oocyte.
another word for egg cells
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Original Video Animation. Also OAV. Episodes produced for release in video (VHS, LD or DVD), instead of TV broadcasting.
"Original Video Animation". (Also sometimes OAV, "original animation video") This refers to anime produced for direct release on DVD and/or video tape. The episodes can be longer, since they don't need to allow for advertising, and sometimes it means that there is more graphic sex or violence, since they don't need to worry about broadcast standards.
An OVA is an anime that was released directly to video. OVAs are generally based on other anime series or mangas. Some good OVAs are the Rayearth OVAs (from Magic Knight Rayearth).
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Organic vapor analyzer. A field screening instrument used to detect the presence of organic vapors, possibly indicating contamination before laboratory analysis begins.
Organic Vapour Analyzer
Optical Vector Analyzer
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ova is a convenient console frontend for ripping CDs and encoding MP3/wave files to the Ogg Vorbis format. It is able to query the CDDB given a CD or MP3/Ogg Vorbis/wave files. Ogg Vorbis files can be tagged and renamed according to elaborate patterns.
Outsourcing Value Analysis. Assessment of price performance of outsourced operations, covering all aspects of service provided and all variable elements of service that allow a fair market price to be determined. Typically performed at one- to two-year intervals depending on scope and nature of services provided. Compass adheres to a strict assessment policy to ensure global consistency.
Referring to the digestive tract; the stomach and intestines.