Definitions for "Outlier"
That which lies, or is, away from the main body.
A datum that lies significantly beyond the main cluster of data points on a graph or diagram; -- suggestive of an error in measurement.
Instances that are aberrant or do not fit with other instances: instances that, compared to other members of a population, are at the extremes on relevant dimensions.
A part of a rock or stratum lying without, or beyond, the main body, from which it has been separated by denudation.
A single standing stone lying outside of a stone circle or henge but thought to be associated with it in some way. Perhaps as a sight mark for a an astronomical alignment.
An area or group of rocks that are surrounded by rocks of an older age.
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A patient whose length of stay or treatment cost differs substantially from the stays or costs of most other patients in a diagnosis related group. Under DRG reimbursement, outliers are given exceptional treatment subject to peer review and organization review.
A node whose exclusion from its containing peer group would significantly improve the accuracy and simplicity of the aggregation of the remainder of the peer group topology.
Departure from an average, usually defined as at least two standard deviations from the mean; a hospital admission requiring either substantially more expense or a much longer length of stay than is typical for patients with a given condition or illness. Under Diagnosis-Related Group payment, patients who are outliers are given exceptional treatment subject to peer review and organization review.
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a shrub steppe in southeastern Utah (N
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Of English language luck chain letters, a type that is not in the mainline. Often a translated foreign letter. CLEVO
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An outlying place, attached to a manor berewic
a case whose proximities to all other cases are small
an inpatient case that is so expensive it exceeds the anticipated
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One who does not live where his office, or business, or estate, is.
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a person who lives away from his place of work