Definitions for "Outlet"
The place or opening by which anything is let out; a passage out; an exit; a vent.
A set electrical contacts into which electrical devices are plugged.
This is just another name for a receptacle.
A pass from the goalkeeper to a teammate to begin a counterattack after a save.
A pass from the goalie to an offensive player at the start of a counter-attack. Also called a release.
Similar to the square out, though not always as severe of a cut, you roll over, establish eye contact with the passer and receive a pass. Outlets are the first passes in a successful counterattack because they move the ball up the pool quickly.
The downstream opening or discharge end of a pipe. A discharge opening for water from the water distributing system to a fixture or a water operated device.
The point at which water discharges from a river, creek or other flowline; lake; tidal basin or drainage depression; or pipe, channel, dam or other hydrologic structure.
The downstream end of a culvert.
an agency, distributor or market for goods (e.g. boutiques, booths, kiosks, stalls, spaza shops, supermarkets, hypermarket).
a single-piece wire / cable termination assembly (typically on the floor or in the wall), containing one or more connections.
The term used to describe the spout assembly of some pumps.
A telecommunication outlet is a single piece cable termination assembly (typically on the floor or in the wall), containing one or more modular telecom jacks. Such jacks might be RJ's, coaxial terminators, fiber optic couplers, etc.
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Ports integrally formed in a filter plate through which filtrate can escape from the filter chambers.
an opening that permits escape or release; "he blocked the way out"; "the canyon had only one issue"
(also ejection pipe or grout outlet vent or vent): A small diameter tubing or duct used to allow the escape of air, water, grout and bleed water.
The final distribution point where clients receive their contraceptives (clinic, pharmacy, CBD workers, etc.)
synonymous with vehicle dealership.
A passage connecting the gutter to the downspout.
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See 49 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
an instance variable that contains a reference to another object
a reference that an object has to another object
a variable within an object that is linked to another object at run time
Refers to the bladder neck, urethra, and sphincter as a combined mechanism.
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To let out; to emit.
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a place of business for retailing goods
A branch of an application or program that is de-centralized (e.g., customer service centers).
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a store usually