Definitions for "Outcomes"
The products deriving from outputs. They correspond to the ultimate objectives (e.g. the impact of a policy intervention on the welfare of producers or consumers).
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, outcomes are a result of the program, services, or products you provide; outcomes refer to changes in knowledge, attitudes, abilities, or behavior in participants. CEN NEWS Teaching, Assessing Students With Disabilities The Institute on Communication Integration Addresses Parenting Teens and Young Adults With Disabilities Kids Count on Consistency Detroit Elementary School Teacher Named Michigan Teacher of the Year Robots Stand in for Bedridden Students—Technology Helps Connect Hospitalized Kids With Classmates more news
The results, impacts or consequence of actions by government on the Australian community. They should be consistent with those listed in agencies' PBS/PAES.
The end results of care and treatment, including the effect on the patient, relatives and the community. They may be descriptive, measurable and identified at specific points during or after an episode of health care.
The results of a specific health care service or benefit package.
A term applied to the results of health care. Studies designed to track and measure these results are called outcomes studies.
Refers to the specific knowledge, skills, or developmental attributes that students actually develop through their college experience; assessment results.
descriptions of what students are expected to learn
Statements that describe qualitative or quantitative measurable expectations of what students should be able to think, know or do when they've completed a given educational program. Synonymous with learning objectives. Each statement should describe one expectation; should not bundle several into one statement. The statements must be clear and easily understood by all faculty in the area/department. (Nichols, 2000)
the results the Government expects to achieve in a particular area.
Whole-of-Government Outcomes are intended to cover all dimensions of community wellbeing. They express the current needs and future aspirations of communities, within a social, economic and environment context.
Goals or desired states that a person or organization aspires to achieve.
Specific, measurable desired changes in conditions resulting from strategies.
describes the effect of the Program on your service delivery, on your clients or on the community generally. An outcome will be a measureable change in or maintenance of the quality of life for the client resulting from the service/s provided.
Outcomes measure the longer-term changes in an area that were brought about by the activity. For example the reduction of unemployment or crime, or the increase in wealth over a set period of time. An outcome is something that follows from an action e.g. as a result of an intiative the crime rate dropped by 15%.
a multidisciplinary conference designed to foster exchange and interaction between clinical specialists related to the perioperative management of adult and pediatric cardiac and vascular surgical patients
Outcomes are the result of patient management. They relate to remediation of
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What the family wants to see for the child and/or family, in relation to enhancing the child's development. Major outcomes are included on the child's IFSP.
Observable, measurable goals. Return to Alphabetical List
goals or changes that you want to work toward
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are the results of a charityâ€(tm)s activities or services.
a serious issue, and our recent research confirms this
Results or noticeable effects of an action or process, which may be assessed in either the short term or longer term. These effects might be artistic, social, economic or any combination of these.
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see "Results".