Definitions for "Outage"
This is an interruption of service.
An interruption in service. Also referred to as a blackout.
a long-term power interruption, also known as blackout. From the utility perspective, an outage occurs when a component of the electric power system is not available to provide its normal function (i.e., the generator cannot supply power). Normally, utility companies do not include short power interruptions (grid switching) in their outage history and may only count power interruptions with duration longer than 1 to 5 minutes.
A period during which a reactor is shut down The periodic shut down of a reactor including for maintenance, inspection and testing or, in some cases, for refueling is known as a planned outage. In the UK some planned outages are known as statutory outages and are required by the conditions attached to the nuclear site license needed to operate the station. Unscheduled shut down of the reactor is termed an un planned outage.
a planned shutdown for refueling, repair, and maintenance
A shutdown/ turnaround that affects the whole plant for more than 16 hours.
Any disruption of service that lasts for more than one second. (A shorter disruption is called a hit.)
a term used to describe a loss of service
When something on the network is broken and is limiting service availability.
Space left in a product container to allow for expansion during the temperature changes it may undergo during shipment and application. Measurement of space that is NOT occupied in a drum.
The space that remains unfilled in a cargo tank after being loaded with payload.
the amount by which a packaging falls short of being liquid full, usually expressed in percent by volume. The amount of outage required for liquids in cargo tanks depends on how much the material will expand with temperature change during transit. Different materials expand at different rates. Enough outage must be allowed so that the tank will still not be full at 130°F.
an event or action (not attributable to the act or omission of a Unitary Authority or arising at the request of a Unitary Authority) which prevents or restricts the passage of data onto the LLN
Period of time that a service, system, process or business function is expected to be unusable or inaccessible which has a high impact on the organisation, compromising the achievement of the organisation's business objectives. An outage is different to ‘downtime' where process or system failures happen as a part of normal operations, and where the impact merely reduces the short-term effectiveness of processes. See: Maximum Acceptable Outage
A long-term loss of voltage resulting from a localized utility failure.
an incredible opportunity for reflection
the amount of something (as whiskey or oil) lost in storage or transportation
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