Definitions for "Out Of Order"
A ruling that a motion, an amendment, or a question is improper under the rules of the house.
A parliamentary ruling by the presiding officer of a committee or the house that a matter is not, at that time, appropriate for consideration by the body.
An improper motion or action by a legislator.
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Out of Order is an album released by Nuclear Assault in 1991. This was the last Nuclear Assault studio album (until Third World Genocide) to feature Danny Lilker.
Out of Order is the 15th album by Rod Stewart, released in 1988.It features the hit singles "Lost In You", "Forever Young", "My Heart Can't Tell You No]]", "Crazy About Her."
Out Of Order is a 2D freeware Adventure game for Windows PCs, created with the SLUDGE engine by Tim Furnish. It sports a point-and-click interface which players use to control the protagonist, Hurford Schlitzting. After a storm wakes him, Hurford finds himself thrust into a futuristic dictatorship called "The Town".
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fuera del servicio
OOO. Room under renovation or requiring maintenance.
A statement declaring that process has not been followed and the violator must yield the floor.
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waste goods