Definitions for "ORs"
mixed with water, they are often used to rehydrate a sick person, especially in cases involving diarrheal diseases
oral rehydration salts
Oral rehydration solution. A liquid that can be given to people to restore the fluid that they have lost through diarrhoea. ORS can be made from packets, by mixing salt, sugar and water or by making a watery porridge from powdered cereals such as rice and maize
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Office of Rehabilitative Services - RI
Office of Refugee Services in DWD.
Of Research Services
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Oregon Revised Statutes
Operationally Responsive Space
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Old Red Sandstone
The output record separator, by default a newline.
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ORs redirects here.
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Other Ranks
A program for persons under age 60 who are at risk of nursing home placement or who require information and assistance.