Definitions for "Orphanage"
An institution or asylum for the care of orphans.
An orphanage is an institution dedicated to caring for orphans (children without parents). Orphanages often attempt to find homes for children in their care. They may be privately or publicly funded.
an institution that cares for children without parents Minnehaha: Point-Source Pollution
a bad place for a child to grow up in," Dr Dana Johnson, a pediatrician and adoption specialist at the University of Minnesota, told a news conference
a terrible place to raise an infant or young child
a terrible place to raise any infant or young child
Always a favorite setting, and one which proved especially fertile for the Doll Games imagination, the orphanage evolved over the years into a hotbed of sex and spying (see Sex, Spying). Presided over by the debauched baby doll, the "nasty orphanage" or "nasty family" was an Oedipal laboratory in which Doll Games conducted many of its boldest experiments.
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The state of being an orphan; orphanhood; orphans, collectively.
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Orphanage was a metal band from the Netherlands.
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a place where orphans live