Definitions for "ORPHAN"
The first line of a paragraph printed alone at the bottom of a page or column of text, or the last line of a paragraph printed alone at the top of a page or column. Orphans are visually awkward and thus undesirable in printed materials.
The first lie of a paragraph that appears as single line of type at the bottom of a page; or the last lie of a paragraph that appears as a single line of type at the top of a page.
The last line of a paragraph appearing at the top of a page with the rest of the paragraph on the previous column or page. This should be avoided by editing or adjusting spacing. Also see Widow.
A child bereaved of both father and mother; sometimes, also, a child who has but one parent living.
Bereaved of parents, or (sometimes) of one parent.
To cause to become an orphan; to deprive of parents.
a ministry outreach of the Church of the Coming King
a vital ministry outreach of TruNews
A living person whom death has deprived of the power of filial ingratitude -- a privation appealing with a particular eloquence to all that is sympathetic in human nature. When young the orphan is commonly sent to an asylum, where by careful cultivation of its rudimentary sense of locality it is taught to know its place. It is then instructed in the arts of dependence and servitude and eventually turned loose to prey upon the world as a bootblack or scullery maid.
someone or something who lacks support or care or supervision
a startup company that does not have a venture capitalist as an investor.
a startup item that has a non-existent target file
a car manufacturer that is no longer in business (not a car no longer in production) -- like Henry J or AMC
An instantiated object that no longer has a reference to it.
A database row that violates referential integrity or its corresponding business rule. Example: An Employee who is assigned to a Department that no longer exists.
The term orphan car accurately applies to any marque of motor vehicle built by a manufacturer that has discontinued business entirely. (The term is sometimes inaccurately applied to a discontinued marque from a still-existing vehicle manufacturer (i.e. Oldsmobile) or a sub-marque (i.e.
In insurance terminology, a policy or policyowner not being actively serviced by the selling agent. This could be because the selling agent has been transferred, moved to the home office, left the company, died, retired, etc.#or because the policyowner has moved from where the policy was purchased to another city or part of the country.
A policyowner who is not currently being serviced by the writing agent.
(1) an object which cannot be accessed either as a local automatic variable, a global variable, via a pointer or as the result of any function call; (2) to create such an object Orphaned objects are undesirable as they use unrecoverable system resources. There are two types of orphaned object: objects orphaned on the stack and objects orphaned on the heap. Orphans can be created through program errors, or by a function leaving. It does not matter if T objects are orphaned on the stack. All other orphans are undesirable and, in the case of leave processing, it is essential to ensure that cleanup code handles objects that would otherwise be orphaned. See also: leave  cleanup
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DISEASES: isolated yet deadly diseases which have no cure as yet
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a stand-alone image that is not assocated with an image list
Accounts on a remote resource whose owner in the Tivoli Identity Manager system cannot be determined.
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A pixel with no adjacent neighbor of the same color.
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an article that no other article links to