Definitions for "Ornaments"
Useful designation for all those infrequently used, highly decorative wall and ceiling motifs, such as garlands, leaves, scrolls, shells, shields, sunburst, and wreath embellishments. Ball ornaments include urns, acorns, pineapples, etc.
Melodic embellishments, either written or improvised.
The term used to describe the specially made horizontal or vertical decorations used on the gowns of certain high officers in many of the universities of the British Commonwealth, Eire and the Republic of South Africa.
a special size of lighthouse with an eye and gold cord for hanging. Typically, ornaments are 2" high. In 1996, Harbour Lights introduced 8 lighthouses and in 1997 and 1998, 4 more each year. In 1997, four of the original 1996 ornaments were retired. Each year members of the Collectors Society may purchase an exclusive ornament of the previous year's Collectors Society exclusive lighthouse.
Keywords:  sonic, dancers, ensemble, ankle, waiste
Any of the arm, ankle, waiste, or wrist bracelets worn by players and dancers that contribute to the sonic material of the ensemble. Other ornaments that players use consist of the different bell types.