Definitions for "Ornamentation"
The ornaments embellishing an object, collectively; as, each room of the palace had a strikingly different ornamentation.
practice of improvising decorative pitches in addition to those that are printed in the score, common in C17 to C19.
the act of adding extraneous decorations to something
Ornamentation is the endeavor to beautify a page or column. There are different methods, namely: Initials at the beginning of a book, chapter or paragraph are enlarged, written in a different color, painted, or intricately designed, e.g. the letter A as a bird next to a stem. Drawing ornamented borders. Placement of vignettes before or after sections, books, or chapters. Monocondylia, playing with letters or letter combinations. Illustrations of the contents of the book.
something used to beautify
an elaboration of a given melody. Ornaments could be written out or improvised.
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The act or art of ornamenting, or the state of being ornamented.
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A general term for the entire ornamental work on a structure.
That which ornaments.