Definitions for "Original print"
A printed image that was created by working the PLATE to create a piece of art that is not imitative of, or generated from, another work. Examples of such PRINTS would be AQUATINTS, DRYPOINTS, ENGRAVINGS, ETCHINGS, MEZZOTINTS, MONOPRINTS, LINOCUTS and WOODCUTS.
A print whose concept and execution on the plate is, by strictest definition, done entirely by the artist, who usually signs and numbers the resulting limited edition. This is distinct from an "arm's length reproduction" which occurs with the transfer from one technique to another, such as the offset printing of a photograph of a painting. Direct involvement by the artist is key here. In addition, the "original" image as such exists only as the final printed version from the printed plate or combination of plates.
A graphic print created and designed by an artist, typically signed and numbered in a limited edition. NOT a commercially printed reproduction.
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Over-dyeing Overglaze
an image on paper or similar material made by one or more of the processes described here