Definitions for "Orgasm"
Eager or immoderate excitement or action; the state of turgescence of any organ; erethism.
The peak of the physical pleasurable sexual excitement caused by stimulation of the sexual organs, as in intercourse; in the male, it is usually accompanied by ejaculation.
An eruption of intense, uncontrolled excitement; -- used of groups and individuals.
Keywords:  moment, brief, glimpse, shinning, wipe
a brief glimpse of heaven
a brief shinning moment when have achieved your ultimate goal of getting you genes to the next generation
a moment when the mind is at a divine level of clarity and blankness, susceptible to a higher awareness
Keywords:  anhedonic, nightmare
an anhedonic's nightmare
a blown tyre left on its side in wet leaves, at the edge of an oil-strewn tarmac road through a forest
a smoldering barn, in the midst of a flaming orchard where I left the lit match
Keywords:  procreation, impetus, pretty, good, sex
a pretty good impetus for sex, and therefore procreation
Keywords:  yourself, tell, gift, don't, find
I don't need to tell you what this is, you can find out for yourself
a gift you give yourself
Keywords:  gahz, cum, come
ORE-gahz-um To Come or Cum
A scripting language for an IRCBot written in C++.
Keywords:  nice, diversion, substitute, poor, life
a nice diversion but a poor substitute for a real life
Keywords:  relaxation, response
a relaxation response
Keywords:  escape, death
an escape from death
Keywords:  gland, finale
a gland finale
Keywords:  wish, heart, makes, your
a wish your heart makes
Keywords:  thing, living