Definitions for "Organizational Learning"
An organization's capacity for accumulating knowledge from its own experiences, disseminating that knowledge to members throughout the organization (and not to a single individual or group within it), reflecting on it and using it as a basis on which to build planning and programming activities, to adapt and to cope with change. A learning organization is one that facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously transforms itself.
the intentional use of learning processes at the individual, group and system level to continuously transform the organization in a direction that is increasingly satisfying to its stakeholders. The concept implies the following elements: an expectation that increased knowledge will improve action, in that there is a causal relationship between the quality of knowledge employees have and the effectiveness of the organization (i.e. more information, more accurate information, and more widely shared information); an acknowledgement of the pivotal relationship between the organization and the environment; the idea of solidarity, as in collective or shared thinking. These shared understandings may need to be uncovered, corrected or expanded to facilitate effective organizational action; and a proactive stance in terms of the organization changing itself. Through learning the organization is able to self-correct in response to environmental change or transform itself in anticipation of a desired future. (Dixon, N (1994)
The process of acquiring, interpreting, integrating and institutionalizing knowledge that takes place at the individual, group and organizational levels. Individuals come up with innovative ideas which are shared in a group setting. Common meaning is developed, eventually becoming institutionalized as organizational artifacts.
The ability of the organization as a whole to capture knowledge and experience from past project s and apply that to future project s. A relatively new management concept design ed to improve the overall performance and responsiveness of an enterprise and avoid the loss of this information when individual personnel leave the enterprise employment. [D03112] RMW
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The sum of the changes in knowledge among the employees of a firm.