Definitions for "Ordination"
The act of ordaining, appointing, or setting apart; the state of being ordained, appointed, etc.
The act of setting apart to an office in the Christian ministry; the conferring of holy orders.
(se-mee-KHAH) n. Semichah. 1) Laying on our hands (upon the head of the sacrifice); 2) Ordination (as of a Rabbi).
Ordination is a termed that is normally applied to a particular class of multivariate techniques when they are applied to ecological data. Generally they are geometrical methods that attempt to present multivariate data in fewer dimensions.
In multivariate analysis, ordination is a method complementary to data clustering, and used mainly in exploratory data analysis (rather than in hypothesis testing). Ordination orders objects that are characterized by values on multiple variables (i.e multivariate objects) so that similar objects are near each other and dissimilar objects are further from each other. These relationships between the objects, on each of several axes (one for each variable), are then characterized numerically and/or graphically.
For samanera (or samaneri) see Pabbajja; for bhikkhu (or bhikkhuni) see Upasampada.
process by which communities are positioned graphically on a gradient of one to several axes so that the distances between them reflect differences in composition.
Process by which plant or animal communities are ordered along a gradient.
Mathematical system for categorizing communities on a graph so that those that are most similar in species composition appear closest together.
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The Allerian measurement for age.
Disposition; arrangement; order.
logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements; "we shall consider these questions in the inverse order of their presentation"