Definitions for "Orders"
Refer to the offices in the Catholic Church that entail the conferral of certain rights, powers, and responsibilities. They are three-fold: deacon, priest, and bishop. Each office is conferred by its own ritual and entails different responsibilities. They are regarded as stages in the Sacrament of the Priesthood or Holy Orders.
Refers to the membership of the General Synod: The Order of Bishops, the Order of Clergy, the Order of Laity.
a) with respect to the monastic or regular life, groups of communities following the same rule or under a common administrative and spiritual structure b) with respect to the Christian ministry, the various grades consisting of the major orders - bishop, priest, deacon, sub-deacon - and the minor orders - acolyte, exorcist, reader, doorkeeper
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The styles of Classical architecture, defined by the designs of their columns and entablatures. The three Greek orders are Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The Romans added Tuscan and Composite.
Term referring to standardized ornamental types of columns, based on ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The three Greek orders are the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The five Roman orders are the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite.
The orders of Architecture are the standardized ornamental types of columns. They are based on Greek and Roman remains. The three Greek orders are the Doric, Ionic, And Corinthian. The five Roman orders are the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite.
Train orders, telegraph or telephoned to an operator from a dispatcher, delivered to the conductor for himself and crew.
An actual cash sale (customer order) from a DRTV campaign.
telephone calls to a DRTV commercial's inbound telemarketing company that result in a product order. Distinguished from inquiries and problem calls.
Orders (Original title: Les Ordres, known in the United Stated as: Orderers) is a 1974 Quebec historical drama film about the incarceration of innocent civilians during the 1970 October Crisis and the War Measures Act enacted by the Canadian government of Pierre Trudeau. It is the second film by director Michel Brault. It features entertainer and senator Jean Lapointe.
Instructions issued at all levels within the SUVCW to provide information, direct action and execute discipline (see General Orders, Department Orders, Camp Orders, Special Orders). { Return to Top of List
Specific instructions for handling transactions.
In regard to securities, it is a client's instruction to a broker to buy or sell a security. There are many types of order qualifiers that stipulate such things as the amount of time in which to leave an order in and at what price to execute an order. See: Either/Or Order; Execution; Good Til Canceled Order; Limit Order; Market Order; Stop Limit Order; Stop Order
orders - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
The number of events (usually noise or vibration pulsations) per revolution of the engine. This results in a frequency that changes with the engine RPM.
Taxonomic subcategories of classes. PICTURE
Quantity A count of the number of orders from a particular "marketCenter".
Hexadecimal codes in 3270 data streams which direct the control unit's actions.
communities of women or men who share life in common. Often also referred to congregations.
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Delivery Order: work order against an existing contract for hardware/software. Task Order: work order against an existing contract for services.
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Orders are the number of purchases made.
Purchase order message