Definitions for "Order to show cause"
A court order requiring appearance in court, on a specific date and time, of a party to a civil action. This appearance is scheduled to explain why the court should not take a particular action in the case. For example, an Order to Show Cause can be issued to a non-custodial parent, requiring them to appear and explain why they should not be held in contempt of court for failure to obey an order to pay child Support.
Order from a judge directing a party to come to court to dispute an action proposed by the opposing side or by the judge himself.
When emergency relief is sought from the Court, a party may file an Order to Show Cause. For example, a party might file an Order to Show Cause when there is imminent threat that funds will be dissipated or that a child will be taken out of the State.
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an emergency application
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a simple, fill-in-the-boxes legal form or short typed legal document that sets out what you are asking for -- for example, a temporary child support order
an order directing the respondent to file a return