Definitions for "Orchestration"
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an overcoat.
(N) overcoat.
The arrangement of music for an orchestra; orchestral treatment of a composition; -- called also instrumentation.
Arranging a piece of music for an orchestra. Also, the study of music. [Go to source
The art of combining the sounds of different instruments. Orchestration plays a large role in determining the sound quality, or color, of any given piece of music.
an assembly that needs "to compile" when it is first called, if this is your problem it real is not are problem
an executable business process that usually includes the exchange of messages with entities outside of BizTalk server
Interactions and process flow among services in a business process. See also choreography.
An orchestration defines the sequence and conditions in which one Web service invokes other Web services in order to realize some useful function. I.e., an orchestration is the pattern of interactions that a Web service agent must follow in order to achieve its goal.
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In progress
a procedural description of what should happen to the data on its way through the system