Definitions for "Orator"
In equity proceedings, one who prays for relief; a petitioner.
A plaintiff, or complainant, in a bill in chancery.
A plaintiff or petitioner in an action in chancery. The feminine form is oratrix.
A public speaker; one who delivers an oration; especially, one distinguished for his skill and power as a public speaker; one who is eloquent.
An officer who is the voice of the university upon all public occasions, who writes, reads, and records all letters of a public nature, presents, with an appropriate address, those persons on whom honorary degrees are to be conferred, and performs other like duties; -- called also public orator.
a good man who is skilled in speaking
Orator (Victor Ludwig) was a minor fictional character from Marvel Comics.
Keywords:  persuasively, truth, thinks, says, man
a man who not only states the truth, but states it persuasively
a man who says what he thinks and feels what he says
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A fellow who is always ready to lay down you life for his country.
Keywords:  speech, delivers, person
a person who delivers a speech or oration