Definitions for "options "
Contract granting the right, and not the obligation, to purchase or sell property, or assets during a specified period at an agreed-upon price.
Purchasing an option gives the purchaser the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a security. A call option is the right to buy and a put option is the right to sell. The price of the transaction is agreed at the time and is known as the striking price or exercise price.
An agreement which gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy (receive) or sell (deliver) a particular security at a stipulated price within a stipulated time. The money paid for the option will be forfeited if the option is not exercised by the specified time.
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Also known as add-ons. These are features added to the car often by the dealer such as a CD stereo, anti-theft system, detailing and undercoating. Some items are purely decorative, known as "mop and glow," and do not add any value to the car.
These are extras you can have added to a standard vehicle, and usually come in packages. They often include air bags, anti-lock brakes, power locks and windows, rear wiper, rear defroster, and such comfort items as velour or leather seat coverings.
Features (or add-ons) that are added to a vehicle, often by the dealer, which can include a high-quality stereo system, anti-theft devices, detailing, and undercoating. Some options are for aesthetic purposes only, known as "mop and glow," and do not increase the value of the vehicle.
Choices of actions.
Alternatives available to students to select from in multiple-choice items. [ A-C] [ D-F] [ G-I] [ J-L] [ M-O] [ P-R] [ S-U] [ V-Z] [ Table Of Contents
Choices; settings that you can change
Options are Hollywood Derivatives, based around a specific event. For example, "call" and "put" options are released opening weekend of a particular MovieStock. Other special options are released around events, such as the Oscars® with NominOptions and AwardOptions.
Program- or command-specific indicators that control behavior of that program. Sometimes called flags. The -a option to the ls command shows the files that begin with a . (such as .profile, .kshrc, and so on.) Without it, these files would not be shown, no matter what wildcards were used. These are used on the command line. See also parameters.
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Options on the Tools menu allows you to set your preferences for PowerPoint functions, such as the maximum number of undos, smart quotes, and viewing non-printing characters.
Selection under the Tools drop down menu that allows for the pathing of important files and the setting of the component sort basis.
Command on the Tools menu used to set options for logon access and authorizations, exporting records, fonts for displaying and printing records and lists, using keymaps, printing labels, displaying records, customizing the toolbar, and assigning generic user tools.
Options is a 1975 absurdist science fiction novel by Robert Sheckley.
options is a small and simple option parsing library for C programs. It is not designed to be fancy, but currently supports long and short options, default values for options, options incremented every time they're specified, and the display of a formatted table of options and their help message.
Options are potential decisions over which a utility has a reasonable degree of control. One option might be to build a new coal-fired power plant; another option might be to refurbish an old power plant. Each option has one of more values to be specified. A specified option has a specified value such as year of implementation or size of plant. A plan is a set of specified options. A plan contains a set of decisions or commitments the utility can make, given the options available.
Customise your Yahoo! Auctions experience. Click on the "Options" link in the grey bar at the top of any auctions page to gain quick access to Auction Alerts, Event Notification, Customize Winning Emails, Profile Editing, Blacklist, and Account Information features.
Lists of things from which you may choose one or more.
Items you can choose to add on to your new home. Options add to the price of the house, but allow you to personalize your home (e.g., title floors, fireplace, etc.)
A generic term that applies to the variations available when choosing a command to run, or when selecting or filling in items in a dialog box.
For a comprehensive explanation of options please go to the LearnMoney options section. Click Here
a feature in the WebCommerce Back Office where the merchant defines the options that are offered with his products. Options are items such as: color, size, height, shape, flavor, length.
An option is put on a model by a client or clients, to procure the models tentative availability for their shoot. The options are then either taken up by a confirmed booking or released.
Possible solutions in a negotiation. By generating or creating multiple options (solutions) the negotiators (parties) may create more opportunities for settling the dispute or solving the problem. A good negotiator will create or generate multiple options as part of the preparation and planning process. These options can then be presented for consideration at the negotiating table where one's counterparts can also be invited to generate multiple options or solutions to the problem that is the subject of the negotiation.
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The internet header Options field may contain several options, and each option may be several octets in length.
List of available options for a specific support deliverable.
The OPTIONS method represents a request for information about the communication options available on the request/response chain identified by the Request-URI. This method allows the client to determine the options and/or requirements associated with a resource, or the capabilities of a server, without implying a resource action or initiating a resource retrieval.
options to subscribe for shares
Options are found in most areas of finance. For example, options are used in convertible shares and warrants, insurance, currency arrangements and interest rate management. The two main types of option are call options and put options.
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are bets in financial markets, useful to hedge risk
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A guide to trading strategies.
Courses that students can take from any discipline to complete their degree requirements.
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the section called “Displaying options
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See Stock Options.
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See Option.