Definitions for "Optional"
Data element requirement designator indicating that the item is neither mandatory nor conditional.
A data element/segment requirement designator which indicates the presence of a specified data element/segment is at the option of the ending party. Its use may be based on the mutual agreement of the interchange parties.
The term used to describe Medicaid eligibility groups or service categories that states may cover if they so choose and for which they may receive federal Medicaid matching payments at their regular matching rate, or FMAP. About two thirds of all federal Medicaid funds are used to match the cost of optional services for mandatory or optional groups and all services for optional populations.
Involving an option; depending on the exercise of an option; left to one's discretion or choice; allowed but not compulsory; as, optional studies; it is optional with you to go or stay.
A term used to describe any product or service that is not included in the base price, but may be added at the customers discretion for an additional cost.
possible but not necessary; left to personal choice
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See Elective, n.
Alternative name for the voluntary routine in a competition
A routine in which the gymnast may perform skills of their choosing under the constraints of special requirements. The skills can be performed in any order but must fit the requirements as specified in the FIG code of points.
A device that may or not be required but is not included in the packaging of a unit but available at an additional cost. When buying a cassette deck, pre-recorded or blank cassette tapes are optional add-ons. A cassette deck requires these cassettes in order to play or record but, usually, does not come with them. Likewise, a television would require an antenna (or DSS or cable connection) to adequately receive broadcasted channels. These, however, are not included and are options as well
having the quality of not required but possibly existing as regards the cardinality of a relationship between entities
A right to select something or perform some act; not required.
means any alternative procedure presented by the Contract Dentist that satisfies the same dental need as a covered procedure, is chosen by the Enrollee, and is subject to the limitations and exclusions of this Contract.
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The level of insurance coverage for which you pay all or part of the premium.
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See MAY.