Definitions for "Opting Out"
If an employee leaves an occupational pension scheme, or chooses not to join one, it is called opting out.
A decision by an employee to leave or not to join an occupational pension scheme of the employer.
This is where a member opts out of an employer's pension scheme whilst remaining employed, or may refer to an employee who is eligible to join an employer's pension scheme, but decides not to join.
Opting out is a political expression that was formulated in Canada to describe the exercise of a province to assume a program (within its own jurisdiction) for which the federal government offers, in part or in integrity, a financing and an administration. Up until the 1960s, a province that would not participate in a shared-cost program would suffer full financial penalty for exercising this choice. It did occur to the province of Québec to exercise this choice.
Limiting the sharing of information about you to others, such as opting out of credit or insurance offers that were not initiated by you.
(or choosing no coverage) is possible in all of the Health & Well-Being plan options, with the exception of life insurance. There is a minimum life insurance coverage of $10,000. While you can opt out of any coverage, if you opt out of medical coverage, you must acknowledge that you have medical coverage available through another source. Any flex allowance not used to pay for benefits will be added to your paycheck as taxable income.
refusing to agree to and legally implement