Definitions for "Operator"
cis-acting DNA sequence found in controlling region of some prokaryotic gene. In the lac operon, the operator is bound by lac inhibitor to block transcription.
The DNA sequence where a repressor protein reversibly binds to regulate the activity of one or more closely linked structural genes.
A regulatory DNA sequence that controls the transcription of structural genes.
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The metal arm that you turn to open and close a Casement or Awning window
The mechanism used to crank open casement windows.
Français : Exploitant Deutsch : Betreiber See also : COMPANY, Network
n: the person or company, either proprietor or lessee, actually operating a well or lease, generally the oil or gas company that engages the drilling, service, and workover contractors.
The individual or company responsible for the drilling, completion and production operations of a well, and the physical maintenance of the leased property.
The symbol that expresses the operation to be performed; -- called also facient.
a word or symbol, such as + or AND, used in a query which indicates an operation be performed on one or more words or phrases.
These are the things that act on variables. There are three types of operators used in the JavaScript language: Computational, Logical and Bitwise. Computational operators perform mathematical tasks such as addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. and are the most commonly used. Logical operators are often used in condition statements like "if" and "switch statements. Bitwise operators work with bits and bytes (or 1s and 0s) and are rarely used.
One of a number of functions that let you define complex queries or build filter qualifications. The AR System operators are available through use of the query bar palette or the filter qualification palette or you can type them in directly.
a function taking one state to another via an action undertaken by the agent
a function that has to be called differently and at a different time from a regular function, yet the same syntax is used to codify both
The company that provides a vending service/product to the retail customer.
a telephone company; a business that provides telecommunications services.
a very clever man and profit-hungry banks and aggressive companies would always like to fund him
In BASIC, any one of the 46 tokens that in some way move or modify the values that follow them.
a token that implies an operation on data
a token that specifies an operation on at least one operand , and yields some result (a value, designator, side effect, or some combination)
A person who operates a telephone switchboard.
Person assigned to the operation of a switchboard or comparable equipment. Usually refers to telephone company personnel, but often used interchangeably with the term attendant.
Any person, other than service personnel.
a linear map from a dense subspace of H to H
A primitive PCRaster 'function' of Map Algebra, Cartographic Modelling, Dynamic Modelling and GIS. It calculates a result on basis of one or more inputs. Both the result and the inputs may be a PCRaster map, table, time series or point data column file.
In mathematics, an operator is a function, usually of a special kind depending on the topic. For instance, in linear algebra an "operator" is a linear operator. In analysis an "operator" may be a differential operator, generalizing the ordinary derivative, or an integral operator, generalizing ordinary integration.
A character that performs a Scripting function. For example, the plus sign ( + ) is an Operator used to add two numeric values.
A sequence of one or more characters in an expression that specifies an operation. For example, in a + b, + is an operator.
a character or character sequence that has a special syntactic meaning to the C compiler
an experienced manual grinder hand who understands grinda
an experienced manual grinder hand who understands tool grinding and geometries
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A computer operator is an individual who is responsible for mounting tapes and disks, making backups, and generally ensuring that a computer runs properly.
The day-to-day staff running the WARP services and operations.
The party responsible for the day to day operational management of certain premises such as ware-houses, terminals and vessels.
An entity that is authorized by the grantee to operate the foreign-trade zone.
See Zone Operator
A corporation that operates a foreign trade zone under the terms of an agreement with a foreign trade zone grantee.
A user who has certain limited administrative abilities. In LAN Manager, these abilities are granted by setting operator privileges in the user's account. In Windows NT, these abilities are set by the user's group, and the rights assigned to that group. See also accounts operator, comm operator, group, manager, operator privilege, print operator, rights, server operator.
a first time user of DeepWave SM technology
an individual or a computer process authorised to access the CREST system via a user's gateway computer
Netzbetreiber für Mobilkommunikation
Operator - In MCMC parlance, an operator is a method of proposing a new state in the MCMC chain. Operators act by perturbing the current state. The current state includes the tree topology, node heights, subtitution parameters and population parameters. Most operators change only one of these components when they propose a new state. Thus adjacent states of the Markov chain are highly correlated as they share many aspects of their state.
That guy in the office who always has a bit of chest hair showing and a gold chain. Often seen in the men's room making excruciating yet imperceptible adjustments to his hair.
A person who schemes and maneuvers adroitly or deviously to achieve his/her purposes.
a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties
a person who does the Verification job
Member of a special ops team, a sworn officer participating in the tactical (not administrative) phase of the mission. up
Often shortened to "Op." The Operator has what you want: Arcade games. You have what the op wants (hopefully it's $$$). Your mission is to get the op to take money for his old games. Some ops would rather throw all their old games in a pile and torch them rather than deal with collectors. Even though this may be true, if their were no ops, there would be no warehouse raids. Be nice to the ops.
A teammate on a puzzle-adventure who is stationed by a phone and reference materials or an Internet connection. During a Mission, teams will call their Operator for help in finding information to solve clues. The term is derived from The Matrix. In The Matrix, the Operator was reached by cell phone and could instantaneously program characters with knowledge or skills.
A designated member of a SEAL Team. To earn the Navy's 5326 designation, a Team member must graduate from BUD/S, Army Airborne School, SEAL AOT and a 6 to 12-month probationary period. Only then is a sailor allowed to wear the Budweiser, marking him as a Navy SEAL.
The person with the responsibility of actually running the machine and producing foam patterns.
To the Top The person or firm responsible for putting a vessel in condition to trade; this person may be the owner, agent, or charterer.
the individual responsible for the facitily room and preparing the Therac-25 machine for a particular patient.
An entity which manages and controls a facility and the gas moving through that facility. The operator performs the day to day operations, contract scheduling, communications, and routinely monitors, tests, and repairs facilities and/or measurement equipment. The operator is not necessarily the owner. A producer operator operates a well. A transportation operator operates a gathering system, pipeline or local distribution company. A plant operator operates a processing or extraction plant. A consumer operator operates an end user facility.
The operator of a facility. The owner, operator, or agent in charge of a facility is responsible for registering the facility.
The party in control of the physical operation and maintenance of a well or other facility.
A reserved word or character used to limit or expand your search. Frequently used operators include AND, OR, NOT, *, and ?. For example, steam AND generator finds all documents containing both terms (ignoring documents that contain only steam or generator but not both). Use quotation marks or parentheses to force a search of the operator itself: A search for steam "and" generator will find all documents containing any one or more of the three terms steam, generator, and and. To force a search of an entire phrase as a whole (and create any included operators as words), enclose it in quotation marks: "steam and generator" or parentheses (steam and generator). The alphabetical case of the operator does not matter. Alphabetical operators other than AND, OR, and NOT must be enclosed in angle brackets to be recognized (such as CONTAINS, MATCHES, NEAR, NEAR/x, STARTS, and ENDS).
Operators are special terms, such as AND and OR, that you can use to connect the words and phrases, focusing your search. For more information, see Operators.
words giving an act and a direction
A dealer in stocks or any commodity for speculative purposes; a speculator.
a speculator who trades aggressively on stock or commodity markets
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a digitally generated sine wave
A DPML construct. An operator is the XML resource that specifies how an operand is to be processed. In the case of a generative URA the operator specifies how to create a resource.
A motor vehicle driver.
An employee of a transit system who spends his or her workday in the operation of a vehicle; also known as driver.
means a commercial organisation whose business is the provision of passenger transport services. (In other contexts "operator" is sometimes used to refer to the driver of a passenger service vehicle).
A solenoid valve without the valve body. The operator would be installed into a threaded, orificed cavity of a manifold having ports.
Subprogram that announces received telegrams
an individual whose principal job responsibility is the actual physical operation of process equipment and systems at a water pollution control system
in communications and control of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, a human who operates the equipment to perform its intended function (for example, processing). The operator typically interacts with the equipment through the equipment-supplied operator console.
any person directly involved in using a pesticide (for example, handling, mixing, loading or applying a pesticide, calibrating or cleaning equipment, or handling freshly treated material).
the motor that is usually attached to the ceiling that lifts the overhead garage door. A common make is LiftMaster.
The identity through which the administrator gained access to the Tivoli environment.
A BBSM user who can perform some administrative functions on the BBSM server but does not have access to the full administrative interface. An operator is allowed to change entries in the port map and access code tables. Operator access is on a per-site basis. See also Administrator and Reports user.
A term used in Yamaha's FM synthesizers to refer to the software equivalent of an oscillator, envelope generator, and envelope-controlled amplifier.
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Tells Works what to do with the operands in a formula.
a built-in language element that operates on one or more items to produce a value
a function that is built into mc formula language
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The term used to describe the carrier in the rest of the world. P, Q, R Paper Prototype Premium SMS RSS
An organisation, generally with its own network, entitled to obtain allocation of numbering capacity from Oftel. The relevant criteria are identified in the Numbering Conventions.
a higher-level task and often combines multiple relational subtasks into a composite parallel operation
a unit of computation, can have multiple threads running
Acts on one or more subexpressions to produce a value.
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A retailer who owns and operates a grocery store.
The holder of an authorization to conduct petroleum activities in the offshore area.
a method implemented to replace, modify or combine values represented by variables
a small program that will modify an alignment (e
A search modifier used to refine the relationship between your search term(s). The three major operators are AND, OR and NOT.
One who operates a machine or device.
A machine operator, owner, service technician or any other person with access to the interior of the machine by opening the front door.
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In memory management, the term operator refers to a data flow operator, such as a sort, hash join, or bitmap merge.
The person or group that co-ordinates human and non-human resources to ensure the efficient production of goods and services.
The person designated to start, monitor, and stop the intended productive operation of a robot or robot system. An operator may also interface with a robot for productive purposes.
Anyone carrying out activities covered by a certification programme, for instance farmers, processors, handlers.
In Fortran, a specification of a particular computation involving one or two operands.
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An operating sash, panel or unit.
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someone who owns or operates a business; "who is the operator of this franchise?"
An online software program used by a number of web applications to perform a discrete service, such as transforming or modelling data in some useful way. [go to page
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control operator or a redirection operator. See Redirections, for a list of redirection operators.
an action performed in service of a goal
a process or action that changes the state of the problem
Defines the action to be performed on one or more operands.
Under the former trading floor system, the person on the trading floor who actually effected the buying a selling orders.
A wireless network operator, also often referred to as a carrier or service provider, that provides mobile telecommunication services.
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a tool used to manipulate data
What separates a source from a target (on a dependency line) and specifies the relationship between the two. There are three: :, ::, and !.
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One who holds the working or operating rights in a gas or oil activity and is obligated for the costs of development and production.
a program or module that converts a particular type of data to another
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One who performs some act upon the human body by means of the hand, or with instruments.
One of the processes done to the elements in an expression to create a value.
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One who, or that which, operates or produces an effect.
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a unit of computation on some data
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The network provider.
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An organization that operates the system.