Definitions for "Operational Definition"
Detailed description of how a concept or variable will be measured and how values will be assigned.
A way of showing something which can’t be seen or measured, like social class, by something that can be measured, like the amount of money you make or how many years you have gone to school. This kind of definition explains an idea by telling how the idea is measured.
definition of a concept such that someone else will measure it in the same way.
Keywords:  criterion, yes, clearly, did, decision
A means of clearly communicating quality expectations and performance; it consists of 1) A criterion to be applied to an object or to a group, 2) A test of the object or of the group, 3) A decision: yes or no; the object or the group did or did not meet the criterion.
Statements of the specific ways in which the absence, presence, and/or the degree of presence of a phenomenon will be determined in a specific research process.