Definitions for "operation"
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are the basic arithmetic operations.
a means of combining numbers, sets or other elements. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are four operations on numbers.
(mathematics) calculation by mathematical methods; "the problems at the end of the chapter demonstrated the mathematical processes involved in the derivation"; "they were learning the basic operations of arithmetic"
The method of working; mode of action.
That which is operated or accomplished; an effect brought about in accordance with a definite plan; as, military or naval operations.
Any methodical action of the hand, or of the hand with instruments, on the human body, to produce a curative or remedial effect, as in amputation, etc.
A take-off, departure or overflight of an aircraft. Every flight requires at least two operations, a take-off and landing.
a takeoff or a landing
Term used in airport statistics to designate a takeoff or landing.
Something to be done; some transformation to be made upon quantities or mathematical objects, the transformation being indicated either by rules or symbols.
the functional abstraction that can be performed by some object.
In object-oriented programming, a function or transformation that can be applied to instances, typically in different ways for members of different classes.
Kidon Hagideon Mossad operation to avenge the murder of the Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympiad.
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The operation of a new facility is described by a variety of terms, each depicting an event in its early operating life. For example: Initial operation: the project milestone date on which material is first introduced into the system for the purpose of producing product Normal operation: the project milestone date on which the facility has demonstrated the capability of sustained operations at design conditions and the facility is accepted by the client. [D01106] PMK87 A service that can be requested from an object to effect behavior. An operation has a signature, which may restrict the actual parameters that are possible. [D04861] RUP
a behavioral feature of a classifier that specifies the name, type, parameters, and constraints for invoking an associated behavior
a name d specification of a service that can be requested from any of a class 's object s to affect behavior in some way or to return a value without affecting behavior
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The IDL notion of a method is called an operation.
In Rational Rose, an operation is congruous to a method of a business component. Operations and methods hold the business logic to be processed upon application events, similar to functions. They are published as part of the component's interface and therefore are available to foreign applications and components.
an individual method on a service
Logistics: a single step or activity in a planning process or for control purposes. However, in a production line an operation can involve more than one physical process, for example if the assembly of several components into a finished product is considered one operation.
A production step or activity with a defined start and stop time that may be composed of individual tasks but is not broken down into smaller increments in rate and capacity calculations. Unlike designating material used on a bill of material, a product routing has flexibility in grouping or splitting individual operations based on the commonality of the resources and rates involved.
the activity of operating something (a machine or business etc.); "her smooth operation of the vehicle gave us a surprisingly comfortable ride"
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Operation is a single entity at a specific location within a principal product and managed by Rio Tinto, eg Tarong Coal within Pacific Coal. An operation may also be a business based in one location, eg Rössing is both a business and an operation.
an ordered set of phases carried to completion within a single unit
a single GET or POST during the measurement period
A business, unit or function within a company.
dispatch function supported by a server, as viewed by a service type in a program file.
The processing primitive of GEGL, is where the actual image processing takes place. Operations are plug-ins and provide the actual functionality of GEGL
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a mess, the latest being the Rochester ferry
a pre-made set of games
Operation is a battery-operated game of physical skill that tests players' hand-eye co-ordination. Made by Milton Bradley, it has been in production since 1965, the year in which the game was invented by John Spinello.
running of model trains so they simulate the motions of a real railroad.
Running trains on a layout in a way that simulates real railroad activity.
a demolition if the overall project involves the wrecking or taking out of any load-supporting structural members of the facility, whether or not there is regulated asbestos containing materials (RACM) on these members
(n.) a computation involving one or two operands.
(Reassignment Surgery) The Sex-reassignment Operation. A major operation whereby male genitals are changed by cosmetic surgery to approximate the appearance and function of female genitals. Also known as "The Op." for short.
In an operation, a doctor makes an "incision," or small cut, in your body to fix something inside you or to see if there's a problem. An operation is sometimes also called having surgery. Some common operations are to remove a sick appendix or infected tonsils or to fix a broken bone.
a component of some microinstruction
One static manipulation of one or more database components with one operator or several operators nested in one operation resulting in one or more database components (PCRaster map, table, time series, point data column file).
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one processing step on a computer
the performance of one or more steps within a process on one machine without operator intervention. Examples are resist application and soft bake, align/expose, develop/rinse/spin dry, sputter etch, and sputter deposition.
A unit of work that is part of an application and that is processed at a workstation.
a successful one
a success when it ties down American troops and therefore prevents them from manning checkpoints, marching through neighborhoods, or conducting house-to-house searches
a further example of a strategic partnership between Europe and America
the internal movement of freight, for example moving the freight from the customers Door to the destination Airport is an operation. Other examples are FCL Terminal to Terminal.
a leader in design, development, and testing of systems and precision munitions and leading developer and producer of missile weapon systems and electronic support
It's easy to open. Curtains 9' and under should be pulled above the halfway point so as not to angle the curtain and cause stress. Higher curtains have attached pull rods as do all counter height curtains. To close, stand at pocket entrance and slowly feed curtain into pocket. Always pulling or pushing as high as you can.
Used interchangeably for logging jobs, harvesting, cutting, milling, etc. An all-inclusive term for harvesting and hauling out the forest products.
an ProgramElement that can produce a value, by doing something
a technique of using a value or a field, or to combine two or more values or data fields to either modify an existing value or to produce a new value
a business especially one run on a large scale; "a large-scale farming operation"; "a multinational operation"; "they paid taxes on every stage of the operation"; "they had to consolidate their operations"
a portion of the SSL Handshake, the extremely processor intensive communications used to establish a secure sockets connection
a complete and logical cycle of elements
E.g. open an a/c, close it, deposit money in it, withdraw cash. A logical unit of behaviour without regard to how that behaviour is implemented.
an invasive controlled procedure designed to have a particular effect
a procedure that computes a value and outputs it
Although there are many meanings to the word "operation", in medicine it refers to a surgical procedure. See the entire definition of Operation
Our drawings always illustrate the window sash or door panels as if you are looking at it from the exterior. X means operating, O means stationary.
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an important way to "connect the dots" (and not just a way to accumulate more dots) that says nothing about whether or not the government should be allowed to do it
a way for the doctor to look underneath your skin and make you well again
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a controlled injury, controlled trauma
The act or process of operating; agency; the exertion of power, physical, mechanical, or moral.
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a full out balls to the wall room heater
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The series of acts that engage the systems in a building, turning the building "on."
a process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work; "the operations in building a house"; "certain machine tool operations"
a basic interaction pattern supported by a web service
Something associated with a transition that allows the transition network to define interaction with it's environment.
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An intelligence gathering operation.
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a mental event that can go backwards and forwards
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Effect produced; influence.
the state of being in effect or being operative; "that rule is no longer in operation"
a program entity that operates on zero or more operands to produce an effect, or yield a result, or both
A symbol that signifies two expressions are being combined in some way to form another expression. +, -, and are operations.
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a box with three holes
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A sequence of moves.
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memory operation
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See channel operation.
a set of message references and an associated message pattern
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Describes the type of movement of an operable unit.