Definitions for "operating expense"
An expense arising in the normal course of running a business, such as an office electricity bill.
The expenses incurred through the operation of producing properties.
Payments for general expenses, contractual services, printing, communication, travel, data processing, equipment, and other expenses occurring in the regular operations of a program. Departmental Codes, Expenditure Codes, Revenue Codes.
The money the system spends to convert inventory into throughput.
In the theory of constraints, the quantity of money spent by the firm to convert inventory into sales in a specific time period.
The total of all operating costs incurred during the reporting period.
The cost incident to the actual handling of traffic.
One of the basic expenditure categories which includes the cost of expendable items such as postage, telephone, office supplies and utilities.
Monies paid in salaries, wages, materials, supplies and equipment in order to maintain equipment and buildings, operate vehicles, rent equipment and facilities and settle claims.
The essential things that a company must purchase in order to maintain business.
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