Definitions for "OpenType"
Keywords:  truetype, ligature, adobe, font, glyph
Font technology currently being developed by Adobe and Microsoft. OpenType’s new font format will work across platforms, combining the technologies of Adobe Type 1 and TrueType. Both of these font formats can be converted to OpenType format. With OpenType it is also possible to embed fonts in HTML documents. Windows 2000 is to be the first operating system that supports OpenType. Click here for available OpenType fonts from Linotype.
A relatively new font format co-developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. and Microsoft Corp. OpenType fonts offer a number of convenient features, such as true embedded small caps, advanced ligature options, and complete cross-platform compatibility for Mac and PC. Like Truetype fonts, OpenType fonts are contained within a single *.otf file. Fonts in the OpenType format are not yet sold or supported by FontShop.
A type of font. It is an attempt to merge postscript and truetype fonts into one specification. An opentype font may contain either a truetype or a postscript font inside it. It contains many of the same data tables for information like encodings that were present in truetype fonts. It also can contain additional information such as positional glyph selection (needed for arabic), ligatures, etc.
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