Definitions for "Open relay"
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Also referred to as an open relay server, an SMTP e-mail server that allows a third party to relay e-mail messages, i.e., sending and/or receiving e-mail that is not for or from a local user. Open relays make it possible for mobile users to connect to corporate networks by going first through a local ISP, which then forwards the message to their home ISP, which then forwards the message to the final destination. However, a downside of open relay technology is the proliferation of its usage by spammers looking to obscure or even hide the source of the large-volume e-mails they send.
An SMTP email server that allows the third-party relay of email messages. The relay feature is a part of all SMTP-based servers and it has legitimate uses, but spammers have learned how to locate unprotected servers and hijack them to send spam.
A server that receives and automatically forwards mail to another server. Junk mail senders exploit open relay servers to avoid having their own mail servers blacklisted as sources of spam. Also known as relay point.
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