Definitions for "Open Policy"
A development strategy adopted in 1978 by the Chinese government, based on active participation in the world market. Under this policy, the government has sought to in-crease foreign trade, encourage technology transfer, and promote direct foreign investment in China. It has also tried to become more active in international organizations, and to encour-age study and training abroad. The "Open Policy" has also led to greater openness to outside cultural influences.
An insurance contract on a specified risk or group of risks, in which the amount and terms are not specified, and under which reports of individual amounts insured and periods of coverage are made to the insurance company by the insured. More properly called open certificate. (See also: open certificate.)
Describes the relationship between Affiliates and Merchants on Paid On Results. By allowing and encouraging dialogue, profits can be maximised and misunderstandings kept to a minimum.
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Open position Open repo
a contract prepared in general terms covering specified goods on terms agreed
One in which the value of the subject matter is not agreed upon, but is left to be ascertained in case of loss.