Definitions for "Open mind"
a beautiful thing
a dangerous thing" At the end of the day, arguments must stand on their own merits, regardless of who delivers them
a good thing, but don't open it so far that your brain falls out
a narrow one if one cannot keep an open heart - and the desire for learning needs to go beyond racial boundaries, criticism AND society expectations
a necessary prerequisite to learning
a prerequisite for an open heart
a balanced mind
a healthy mind
a mind receptive to examination of new ideas and facts
a must with Terre Differenti , and I think that most instrumental fans will find plenty of new areas to explore
a pre-requisite of such scrutiny
a pre-requisite to critical thinking
Keywords:  elusive, delight
an elusive delight
Keywords:  slop, bucket
a slop bucket
Keywords:  joy, forever
a joy forever"
Keywords:  invaluable, tool
an invaluable tool
Keywords:  garbage, dump, great, accompanied, ear
a great achievement, but it may still fall short unless it is accompanied by an attentive ear
a great place for other people to dump their garbage
Keywords:  romance, story, sweet, touch
a sweet story with a touch of romance
a good starting point before reading or listening to any of Gary's works
Keywords:  weapon
a weapon in itself
a auditory sensory pleasure any time of day, any occasion
Keywords:  intelligence, strength, sign
a sign of intelligence and strength
Keywords:  rare, difficult, position
a rare and difficult position
Keywords:  evidently, possess, you
a must and you evidently possess this
a powerful resource on any level, in any situation