Definitions for "onside kick"
Keywords:  kickoff, kick, yard, desperate, regain
A kickoff in which the kicking team attempts to kick the ball only so far as is legally required (beyond the 50-yard line), so as to have a better chance to recover the kicked ball itself; -- it is a risky type of play used only when the kicking team is losing and there is little time left to play.
The kick off has to progress 10 yards to be legal. After 10 yards, the ball becomes free for both teams. An onside kick is a risk play used to try to gain the possession of the ball immediately again after kick off. Lyhyt aloituspotku (Pinomaa) "Onsaidi"
a desperation technique usually only used with little time left on the clock in order to gain another possession of the ball and to hopefully allow scoring again