Definitions for "online"
The purpose of on-line is to maintain servers 24/7 connected to the net. It will monitor your network connection and make sure its on-line . It is capable of syncing your IP . It has a notification system.
connected by a communications line to a computer. Opposite of off-line.
When (1) a device is actively connected to a computer (and ready to receive instructions), or (2) you are connected to the internet.
a collection of resources contributed to and used by the Australian education community
a financially secure and a provider of useful information, education, and services for its members and the public
a joint distance education initiative of
a niche game - it is oriented to tabletop miniature wargamers and military history enthusiasts - it gives them the opportunity to compete with fellow-wargamers from all over the World, recreating the spirit of miniature face-to-face battles
a worldwide wargaming project
an important step into the future for Earthquake Engineering and the membership of EERI," said Chris D
a source of railway Industry information and a gateway to the railway profession
a website and subscriber email system which will allow Neighbourhood Watch participants to customise their own membership according to their suburb, town, profession or interests
a crucial step in the advancement of your career
a great way to get you ahead in yourcareer path
a great way to get you ahead in your career path
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online, angeschlossen, verbunden
a big project (cashless registration, availability of course material, exam results etc
a cpa exam requirements trademark of Inphinet Interactive Communications, Inc
an interactive tool that helps answer questions about your
a non commercial site, providing information and resources about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)
a premier resource tool for researching the Middle East, the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism, Ballistic Missile Defense Systems, Defense Downsizing and much more
a service that offers teachers access to a database of quality web-based resources for teaching and learning
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a curated directory edited by Annick Bureaud (OLATS) with the cooperation of an international committee
The final technical editing process which uses the original camera tapes to repeat all decisions made in the off-line editing process.
golf instruction book for beginners, golf terms and phrases that begin with the letters A to Z, The ABC's of Golf by PGA Professional Mark Blakemore ... to Get Started in Golf ... Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing ... Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary. Conclusion. Glossary of Golf Terms and Phrases. Golf Terminology - Definitions and ... more like this 12. Find A Golf School, Professional Golf Lessons
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a database that is designed to enable users to locate documents, including publications and other outreach materials, that cover a wide range of RCRA issues and topics
a database with
an electronic database that indexes thousands of letters, memoranda, publications, and questions and answers issued by EPA's Office of Solid Waste (OSW)
Seats for an event are available for sale to the public.
a network monitor that helps you discover problems early
a service of the Student Loan Network and the Edvisors Network
a non-profit research organization providing news, analysis and statisitics on the U
a non-profit research organization providing news and analysis covering the U
a non-profit research organization providing news, With gas an oil prices going up again, workers are seeing yet another large bite taken Gary Price, mlis Librarian
a password that you choose yourself
The doctype keyword that you use to create text that is readable on your screen. This doctype has these designs: MANUAL.ONLINE, SOFTWARE.ONLINE, MILSPEC.ONLINE and ONLINE_BOOKSHELF.
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a newspaper from Rio de Janeiro
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a comprehensive communication strategy that would allow HCFA to make full use of the speed and cost effectiveness of emerging information technologies
a free program that lets users communicate with each other via chat, messages and games
a production of the Residence Hall Association of the University of Idaho and is managed by the Office of the Vice President of Marketing and communications
a bold new service designed to help recreation organizations take advantage of Internet technology at an affordable price
a bold new service from CompUSA
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an unofficia www
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a pleasant surprise
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Refers to mounted media. Can be tape, disk, CD, jukebox etc.
Referring to the movement of cars on the Union Pacific system only.
Refers to participation in the TVRS system
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a fighting game, DOA Code Cronus is not a fighting game
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a personal initiative of Jane Colby and Mark Colby
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(This is an exception to Webster's Tenth.)
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See under "Cyber"
a searchable, web-based version of the Codex General Standard for Food Additives
a site for businesspeople and consumers
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being in progress now; ongoing; as, on-line editorial projects.
n-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) without LAN monitoring port
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a better one
a critical step in supporting CGAs worldwide to better
a source for late-breaking news about government actions that threaten motorsports interests and even routine maintenance
a natural progression for the ENMU program
a one-stop source for timely, reliable, and easy-to-use oral health information for consumers dental hygienists and the media
For the storage router, online indicates that at least one adapter in the storage router is active and available for access. For a SCSI adapter, online indicates the SCSI adapter is active and available for access and input/output processing. For a FC adapter, online indicates the FC adapter is active and available for access and input/output processing.
This term typically refers to a database that is currently mounted, open, and servicing transactions. The instance is up and users are accessing data.
Stored information accessible form operator's terminal. At present, traffic within 3 days is online.
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Where to stay when taking the sobriety test.
a subsection of the American Psychological Association, which deals with all aspects of psychological testing
a matchmaking service helping businesses seeking accounting-related systems figure out which ones are right for their specific needs
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You've paid your toll at the toll booth (the server) and your cruising down the highway.
an unofficial AA website
a website commited to bringing it's customers quality leather products at reasonable prices
a cross-sectoral service covering schools, universities and VET incorporating ACE
Function mode of an information system in which the information system immediately processes the commands and directly shows the answer (output) on the screen (or otherwise).
a service of the Florida Medical Association which provides up-to-date information on issues directly impacting patients and physicians in Florida
Equipment directly under the CPU control.
A UPS that provides power to the load from its inverter 100%of the time, regulating BOTH voltage and frequency, usually double conversion topology.
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a must-visit site for student athletes
Optical scanner Outdoor advertising
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a muscle relaxant
a site where Universities of the Third Age offer short courses for mature age people who enjoy learning but prefer the freedom to study where and when they choose
a compilation of college admissions information from U-M experts, research, Web sites and other sources
Study of a unit undertaken entirely over the World Wide Web.
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a subscription-based service
a cooperative effort, and some content actually exists elsewhere
a publication of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
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a wise investment
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The data portion and the index portion of a backup is resident on the system.
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A device is said to be "online" when it is ready to accept input.
A routing from origin to destination on United only.
an equal opportunities employer
a valid e-mail address at the time of registration
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The library receives host commands.
System that is currently running Show related articles
A term used to indicate that a transaction is processed in real time (usually within number of seconds).